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Contribute tutorial

How many times have you learned useful tips from other artists? How many times has MU helped you in your daily work? Here’s your chance to contribute, help others and gain exposure for your work.

If you’ve come up with an interesting technique or original workflow that you’d like to share with other artists you’re welcome to submit your tutorial to MU. Tutorials can be both in written and video formats, and should be related to 3DS Max and/or its plugins or scripts, some useful complementary tool, or conceptual art theory that can be applied to CG.

Complete the following form to submit your tutorial. You may include a link in the message to an image that illustrates the idea of your tutorial. Only original material is accepted (though the tutorial may also be posted on your own website).

The name you entered will be credited as the news item source (with a link to your site whenever possible). This helps keep news reporting transparent for readers. If you would prefer your name not to be mentioned pls enter "No Name" in the Name field above.
In the case of company representatives sending official information, the name of the company will be mentioned as news source.